# Cleanup .git
git repack -a -d --depth=250 --window=250
# Reset to previous commit
git reset HEAD~
# Reset to commit
git reset <commit hash> --hard
# Checkout previous commit
git checkout HEAD~
# Create new branch
git checkout -b
# Revert changes to modified files (working changes)
git reset --hard
# New branch without git history & files
git checkout --orphan
# Show where git configs get defined
git config --show-origin -l
# Undo last commit but don't throw away changes
git reset --soft HEAD^
# List all git submodules
git submodule--helper list
# Pull from PR
git pull origin pull/<issue ID>/head
# List remote branches
git branch -a
# Delete branch
git branch -d
# Delete remote branch
git push origin --delete
# Force overwrite git repo.
git push -f <remote> <branch>
# Reset to specific commit
git reset --hard <commit>
# Remove dir from git
git rm --cached -r <dir>
# Rename previous commit
git commit --amend
# Force push overwrite
git push --force origin master
# Hard reset a branch
git reset --hard <branch-name>
# Change remote. i.e. when making a fork of a clone to change upstream destination.
git remote rename origin upstream; git remote rename nikitavoloboev origin
# Change upstream to my name so it pushes there
git branch --set-upstream-to nikitavoloboev/master master
# Show changes between commits. Where f5352 and be73 are unique commit hashes.
git diff f5352 be73
# Update submodule
git submodule update
# Set PGP key for Git globally. <key> = fingerprint w/o spaces
git config --global user.signingkey <key>
# Delete commit from remote.
# 1. Delete commit from local repo
git reset --hard HEAD~1
# 2. Delete commit from remote repo (can get commit using git log)
git push -f origin last_known_good_commit:branch_name

Change old commit message

# It is bad practice to rewrite history. Works best if no one has pushed commits on top of remote branch you want to rewrite history of.
# 1. Rebase to commit you want to change (~1 means the first ancestor of the specified commit)
git rebase -i <hash>~1
# Can also do this
git rebase -i HEAD~4 # where HEAD~4 = last 3 commits
# 2. Rename pick to reword (in opened editor) & save/quit
# 3. Change commit message in editor and save
# 4. Overwrite and remove duplicate commits
git push --force-with-lease

git config --global --add '!f() { git fetch -fu ${2:-upstream} refs/pull/$1/head:pr/$1 && git checkout pr/$1; }; f'
git config --global --add '!git checkout master ; git for-each-ref refs/heads/pr/* --format="%(refname)" | while read ref ; do branch=${ref#refs/heads/} ; git branch -D $branch ; done'